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Internationally Cost Competitive FPD Connectors


Z-Axis Connectors are an industry standard for Flat Panel Display, COG Display, and LCD Module applications because of their:
  • Ease of Assembly

  • Wide Compression Range

  • Low Compression Force Soft Silicone

  • Low Profile

  • Low Resistance

  • Low Cost

Our manufacturing process is both flexible and efficient allowing us to sample and produce custom sizes quickly. Please contact us today, we welcome your interest in our products and discussing how they can fit your application.

Z-Alloy Elastomeric Connectors Z-Wrap Gold Plated Connectors
Low Cost Z-Fill Z-Alloy Connectors PDF Data Sheet    Z-Fill Gold Connectors PDF Data Sheet


Flat Flex Cable Connectors

Flat Flex Test Sockets

(Chip on Glass)COG LCD Flat Panel Display Connectors

High Speed Module, RF and MMIC Connectors

Medical Miniature Connectors

EL or LED Backlight Connectors

Parallel Board to Board Connectors

Custom Array Connectors

Aerospace-Avionics-Military Connectors

Test Connector Components

Custom Test Connectors and Sockets

Concentric Ring Connectors

LCD Glass Display Elastomeric Connectors

LCD Module Specialty Connectors

Micro Miniature Connectors

Custom Connectors

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